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quality & impact

We proudly cultivate our estate-grown agaves in Jalisco, Mexico, on our family ranch. We have created five tequilas of the highest quality with our propriety organic protocol.


All of our tequila expressions are 100% USDA-certified organic. They are made of 100% all natural blue agave, carefully packaged in artisanal bottles made of recycled glass by a family of glass blowers. We compost our waste and use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or toxic materials of any kind. All of our production is sustainable and eco-friendly.


We are a socially-conscious company, our mission is focused on impact. We use our tequila as a vehicle for social good by improving the quality of the environment, creating jobs locally, and creating sustainable practices to support our communities.

We are proud to be a Mexican-owned and operated small business, and we appreciate the support for our mission - to create liquid gold, make an impact and pursue our dreams. Salud!

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Our Blanco is bottled immediately after distillation without aging. It is the truest expression of pure tequila, as it is not influenced by aging in oak barrels. The aromas are floral and earthy. The taste is dominated by a strong, sweet agave flavor, with a good balance of fruit, white pepper, and floral hints. It has a long duration of flavor with mild spice and an earthy, smoky finish. It makes a refreshingly pure margarita when mixed with fresh citrus juices, and is also very nice to sip.


Our Reposado is aged for 6 months in white oak barrels. This lightly aged tequila can be used in specialty cocktails and is delicious to sip. The Reposado has retained the agave aromas and flavors of the Blanco, with subtle hints of the oak. Its light gold color is suggestive of its mild presentation on the nose and palate. Ends with a nice warm finish.


Our Añejo is aged for just under 3 years in white oak barrels. The oak wood gives the tequila a distinctive flavor and golden amber color. With aromas and flavors of caramel, fruit, mild vanilla and spice, it has a pleasant finish with moderate notes of agave, earth, and floral tones. A long duration of flavor makes this tequila ideal for sipping. This is best enjoyed sipped in a cognac snifter.

Extra Añejo Reserva de Don Adolfo

The Extra Añejo Reserva de Don Adolfo is aged for 6 years in white oak barrels. This sipping tequila is described as a “cognac-like” spirit. It has a beautiful, rich golden color with a thick body. The aromas are dominated by cinnamon, herbs, and spices. Very robust on the palate, it has a bold and vibrant complexity. A long sweet, spicy, and exotic fruit finish that is best savored slowly. 

Extra Añejo Reserva de Oro

The Extra Añejo Reserva de Oro is aged for 14 years in white oak barrels. This sipping tequila has spicy aromas and flavors of dark caramel on rye, cedar plank, nutmeg, dark chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom and toasted almonds. It has a lively, fruity medium-full body with a warming, very long finish, evoking notes of flamed orange, toffee, flan and a dark roasted agave finish. It is described as “a rich and decadent tequila with excellent intensity of flavor and a memorable style.” We loved it so much straight out of the barrel that we decided to bottle it immediately at full strength, 100 proof. 

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